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Smart Savings

Learn how our Smart Savings feature consolidates your potential savings and your total saved amount into one place

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The Smart Savings feature is designed to provide you with a comprehensive overview of your potential savings and the total amount you've saved. This allows you to gain a deeper insight into your savings, helping you identify the most effective strategies for saving on any given day, as well as showcasing what the Uniskai platform offers to maximize your savings.

The example below offers a summary of all your potential savings categorized by type. It displays a list of all the features contributing to cost-saving strategies, along with the potential savings associated with each resource category. Descriptions are provided to give you a brief understanding of each saving option. When you click on 'View Suggestions,' you'll be directed to a specific feature where you can review and decide whether to take action or archive the suggestion.

To access saving information grouped by category, click on 'Detailed.' You can select groups and specific tags yourself.

Clicking on the savings options will provide you with in-depth information about each savings strategy. You'll find suggestions for implementation or confirmation that everything is on track. Clicking 'View Suggestions' will take you to the relevant feature to explore Uniskai's offerings further.

Beneath the content, you'll find the Total Savings chart, displaying the total amount of money you've saved. It also lists the features that have contributed to this result. The example below illustrates how Cloudsitter and Spots have led to cost savings. Remember that at least two other cost-saving strategies can be implemented to optimize cloud costs.

On the Smart Savings page, you'll also find the multi-account function. Wondering how to use it? Look at the top of the page and click on the 'Accounts' section.

You can select multiple accounts from the same provider or across different providers. All active accounts are available for selection, and you can choose all accounts by clicking the corresponding button in the dropdown menu.

Now, you can view potential and total savings for all selected accounts.

Please note that if you lack the necessary permissions in your account, you may not have access to all potential savings. In such cases, a warning message will be displayed at the top of the page.

A detailed page is also accessible for multiple accounts.

For more information on Smart Savings features aimed at reducing costs, please explore the helpful resources below:

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