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Uniskai IntroductionIntroduction and description of the platfrom
Getting Started with UniskaiLearn how to start your journey with Uniskai
Dashboard overviewLearn more about the Dashboard tab
CloudviewLearn how Cloudview enhances your cloud visualization and task management
Smart SavingsLearn how our Smart Savings feature consolidates your potential savings and your total saved amount into one place
BillingLearn how to access detailed information about your cloud expenses
Waste ManagerLearn how to save money by eliminating unutilized resources
CloudsitterLearn more about the smart scheduling feature
AI SchedulingLearn how to harness the intelligence of AI to optimize your scheduling
Setting Up Hibernation PoliciesLearn how to create hibernation policies
Idle Policy SetupLearn how to configure automated hibernation for your EC2 instances
RightsizingLearn how to find the perfect fit for your cloud resources
Spot Instance Management Strategy Learn about a spot instance management strategy designed to help you identify instances suitable for conversion to spot instances
Spot ManagementLearn how to effectively manage spot instances in the Uniskai platform.
Understanding Spotting PoliciesLearn how to manage your spotting policies.
SavingsLearn how to generate a savings report for each resource optimized using Uniskai's features
ReservationLearn the most effective ways to reduce your cloud expenses with reservations.
CloudguardLearn how to enhance the security of your account through performance and security audits
ReportsLearn how to easily access your savings and activity all in one place
Account ManagerLearn how to handle your accounts in Uniskai
TeamsLearn how to manage your team effectively
LogsLearn how to access information about recent and past actions within your account
ProfileLearn how to manage your personal information
NotificationsLearn how to receive critical notifications
OrganizationsLearn how to manage your organization
How to use labelsLabels help in separating permissions on resources for your employees
Uniskai's Multi-Account FeatureLearn how not to limit yourself and view multiple accounts on a single page
Authorizing with SSOFind out how autorize with SSO and MFA