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Uniskai and CIO/CTO

Learn how Uniskai brings valuable features for CIOs and CTOs

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The roles of CTO (Chief Technology Officer) and CIO (Chief Information Officer) are key organizational positions, each with distinct functions and daily responsibilities. While both manage technology in business, a simple distinction exists: the CIO typically focuses inward, aiming to enhance internal processes, while the CTO looks outward, leveraging technology to improve or innovate products for customers.

Uniskai by Profisea Labs is invaluable for both of these roles, as our comprehensive AI-based FinOps platform suggests cloud cost optimization strategies, and both CIO and CTO play crucial roles in the company's profit and revenue growth. Although all features provide useful information for company managers, the main focus is on the performance of DevOps engineers.

In Waste Manager, CIOs can assess the accumulation of waste resources and verify if sanity checks were performed. This information allows for assigning sanity checks to cloud specialists, preventing payment for unused resources.

Learn more about Waste Manager in this article.

For instance, CIOs can evaluate the effectiveness of resources in Uniskai's Cloudsitter scheduling feature. It provides a clear overview of active and stopped resources, allowing checks on the accuracy of schedules in Policies to avoid overpayments. Within Policies, the owner's name is visible, facilitating direct communication for necessary changes or reassignment to another team member.

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Smart Saving offers insights into all cost optimization functions, showcasing maximum potential savings and the total saved amount by category. Clicking ‘View Suggestions’ directs you to specific features to review suggestions.

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The Saving feature provides a comprehensive saving report for each resource across your account. CIOs and CTOs can identify areas with maximum saving opportunities through a combination of saving options and pinpoint where more efficient utilization is needed.

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To access performance and security recommendations, navigate to Cloudguard. These recommendations aim to enhance account security by checking password strength and identifying deprecated services.

For more detailed information about Cloudguard, click here.

Additionally, we've developed a weekly Uniskai executive report sent to your email every Monday. This report includes spending and saving details, along with the percentage change from the previous week. Clicking ‘View detailed report’ redirects you to the Reports feature in Uniskai for more insights.

The Reports page offers the flexibility to customize and view general information based on your preferences. You can add, edit, make default collections, add, edit, and customize widgets, and save all or a part as PDF. Read more about the ‘Reports’ tab here.

We are consistently updating our platform, so stay tuned and check out our latest release notes.

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