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Uniskai and DevOps

Learn how Uniskai enhances DevOps capabilities

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DevOps, a fusion of development and operations, is a software engineering methodology that promotes collaboration and shared responsibility between development and operations teams. It signifies a shift in IT culture, allowing businesses to enhance operational efficiencies, accelerate product delivery, and mitigate security and compliance risks.

DevOps revolves around four key principles to improve software development practices:

  1. Fostering a DevOps culture between development and operations teams.

  2. Automating as many operations as possible.

  3. Measuring various metrics to gain a better understanding of areas for improvement.

  4. Facilitating communication and sharing feedback.

Uniskai by Profisea Labs embraces these principles, combining the best cloud and DevOps practices with unique technologies. Our platform offers transparent cloud visualization tools, empowering DevOps engineers to oversee all virtual assets within the infrastructure and measure performance metrics to identify areas for improvement. Furthermore, Uniskai automatically generates real-time, interactive maps and diagrams, providing higher visibility into rapidly changing cloud environments.

To view these diagrams, navigate to Cloudview and select one of the three available formats:

  • Cloudlist,

  • Cloudmap,

  • Cloudnet.

Cloudlist provides a hierarchical list of all cloud resources. DevOps can easily check resource details and download them to Excel.

Cloudmap presents the cloud infrastructure as an interactive map, saving time for DevOps to focus on critical processes.

Cloudnet offers an architectural diagram from the network perspective, illustrating how traffic flows. Both diagrams are automatically generated and can be saved in PDF format.

Our platform delivers out-of-the-box infrastructure visualization, allowing quick validation of CI/CD changes and eliminating unconnected or unused machines and instances. For more details on visibility features in Uniskai, refer to this article.

Waste Manager serves as a reliable assistant for DevOps engineers, detecting wrong or unused resources and presenting them in a single list. The platform collects all cloud waste automatically, allowing easy removal with just one click or detailed examination in Cloudview.

Expand your knowledge about Waste Manager by clicking here.

Additionally, Uniskai introduces Cloudsitter, an AI-based policy scheduling feature enabling DevOps to monitor resource activity and schedule hibernation policies without additional setups. Scheduled resources can be easily checked in any Cloudview format.

Learn more about Cloudsitter in this article.

The Rightsizing feature assists in selecting the right size for your machine in the cloud, optimizing resource usage based on actual workload capacity.

Explore more about Rightsizing by following this link.

Uniskai's Spot instance management strategy aids DevOps in efficiently handling Spot instances, minimizing downtime through preventive system actions. The Spot Manager restores instances within one minute without data loss.

Find out more about Spots Management Strategy here.

With Reservation and Saving plan suggestions, DevOps can make informed decisions about advance purchase commitments for resources, potentially saving up to 72% compared to on-demand rates.

Read this article about Reservations and Saving plans.

Gain insights in the Cloudguard tab, where critical and warning insights related to AWS well-architected, SOC2, CIS, and Uniskai are highlighted. Further details can be accessed by clicking the ‘Read docs’ button.

Discover more about Cloudguard here.

Certain features support multi-account functionality, allowing you to view information from all selected accounts in one place (Waste, RS, Cloudguard, and more).

DevOps has proven effective in delivering value and accelerating development. As organizations migrate to the cloud, the integration of DevOps engineers with cloud infrastructure automation becomes crucial.

Uniskai by Profisea Labs is designed to automate and enhance processes with the effective use of machine learning. It provides a reliable platform with an efficient monitoring system, offering instant insights and optimization suggestions to reduce cloud costs in one place. This allows DevOps specialists more time for decision-making and faster implementation of user-oriented products.

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