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Learn how Uniskai offers essential features tailored for CFOs

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Uniskai for CFO

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) holds a pivotal role, overseeing the financial activities of the company. This involves tracking cash flows, analyzing financial strengths and weaknesses, and ensuring the overall financial success of the organization. Additionally, the CFO plays a key role in financial planning, determining investment strategies, and providing accurate reports and forecasts for informed decision-making. The modern CFO role has evolved to be more forward-looking, encompassing strategy and business partnerships.

Uniskai by Profisea Labs equips CFOs with comprehensive financial analytics to report to the CEO, offering a clear and insightful view of the business situation.

Upon opening Uniskai, the main Dashboard displays regions where resources are located. Below this chart, the overall billing information illustrates the total expenditure since the account's creation. Adjacent to the Billing Summary, the Your Savings table details the current month's savings, potential savings, and the amount already saved in currency. This data aids in selecting an effective saving strategy for the future. Additionally, to the right of the overall billing, the total spent credits provided by AWS, Azure, or GCP (or multiple accounts) are presented. Tracking this information ensures reliable insights into financial assets for predictive analysis.

For more details, refer to the Visibility chapter.

The Billing feature provides in-depth insights into cloud costs, visualizing spending per asset. Analysis can be done on a monthly, weekly, and total billing basis through the diagram.

The Summary pie chart beneath the Billing diagram outlines consumed, total, and estimated cloud costs. If all accounts are selected, the cost summary across all accounts is displayed.

Learn more about Billing by following this link.

Uniskai's Smart Saving feature showcases the total saved amount and potential savings, along with a list of services used for cost optimization strategies.

In the ‘Details’ tab, select a group or specific tag to review saving suggestions from the chart.

Learn more about Smart Saving here.

The Savings feature is equally valuable for CFOs, presenting a list of all resources managed by Uniskai. It includes expected and current prices, the service used for optimizing cloud usage, the amount saved in currency, and the total saved as a percentage, highlighted in green.

Clicking on History provides detailed information on how savings were implemented, either by day or within a month.

For more details on the Savings feature, read this article.

Additionally, our experienced DevOps engineers have developed a weekly performance report sent to your email every Monday. The report includes the total amount spent and saved the previous week. Click the detailed report button inside this report to be redirected to the Billing feature in Uniskai.

Stay tuned for our latest release notes, which will cover essential updates about this report and other features.

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