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Learn how to manage your team effectively

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The Teams feature displays all the team members who share the same account ID specified in the Account Manager. If you share the same account number, it indicates that you collaborate, and Uniskai brings you together as one team. Here, you can check if the team members have completed their credentials or if they were added to the team through an invitation.

You can easily organize accounts by sorting them using the columns. You can also search for an account based on any field.

To add a new member, simply click on the ‘+’ symbol labeled ‘Add New Member.’

NOTE: To add a new member, you must have administrative rights or permission to ‘Invite a Team Member.’

When you open the Create new member window, you will see the Email, Role, Access and Permissions settings.

To Add a User

  1. Enter the business email.

  2. Choose a member role.

  3. Select their level of access. You can provide full access or access by label. More information about labels and their functions can be found here.

    If you opt for access by label, select the label for which you want to grant the current user permissions.

  4. Adjust the sliders for each service to enable or disable visualization. Enabling the ‘Edit’ mode grants the person editing access. You can specify different permissions for editing various features. Some may be in edit mode, while others may have view-only access.

  5. Click ‘Add Member.’

To Add an Admin

  1. Enter the business email

  2. Select the admin role.

  3. Click ‘Add Member.’

The new member will be listed with a badge indicating that an invitation has been sent. After registration and confirmation, the user will appear as an invited member.

You can only edit the rights of users you have personally invited (if you are not an admin). An admin cannot demote another admin to a regular user. You also have the option to delete a user you have invited.

The ‘Teams’ tab also integrates with Virtual Environments (Venvs). Additionally, the platform empowers you with organization admin privileges, enhancing your ability to manage virtual environments effectively. 

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