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Uniskai's Multi-Account Feature
Uniskai's Multi-Account Feature

Learn how not to limit yourself and view multiple accounts on a single page

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It can be quite a hassle to gather all your account information when you have to check them one by one. But with our multi-account feature, that's a thing of the past. Don't restrict yourself – choose as many accounts as you need. Want to access information from various providers? Simply select the accounts you desire at the top of the screen and dive right in.

To use the multiple accounts feature, click on the Accounts field and select the checkbox next to the account you need. All your existing accounts will be available in the field.

​On the ‘Dashboard’ tab, opt for the multi-account view and effortlessly access general information from diverse accounts and providers simultaneously.

The most concise and general information about all your accounts is at your fingertips.

In the ‘Reports’ tab, customize every widget setting and select as many accounts as you require.

To open the settings, click on the gear button on the right.

View all available connections to your cluster at the same time on the Cloudk8s page.

Explore the multi-account feature on the ‘Smart Savings’ tab to witness potential and total savings across multiple accounts, saving you precious time.

When it comes to multi-account billing, each account is colour-coded, and hovering over them reveals pertinent information. This holds for the ‘Detailed’ tab as well.

In the ‘Budgets’ section, you can set budget limits that encompass all your accounts.

Do you have excess clutter in your accounts? Select all your accounts and eliminate unnecessary resources with just a few clicks. Utilize a quick filter for more convenience. You can employ all the available tools for a single account, such as sorting, searching, filtering, saving to Excel, bulk actions, note-keeping and saving you money quickly.

Efficiently manage resources in several accounts at once. Head over to the ‘Rightsizing’ tab, choose the necessary accounts and resources, and make the necessary adjustments. You can take advantage of all the tools designed for a single account, including sorting, searching, filtering, and bulk actions. Save money quickly.

See all the offers for your AWS accounts for reserved instances and savings plans at the same time.

Access all your account insights in one unified place without the need to switch between them.

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