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AI Scheduling

Learn how to harness the intelligence of AI to optimize your scheduling

Updated over a week ago

Our AI-based Cloudsitter thoroughly analyzes user behaviour patterns and offers personalized, intelligent scheduling recommendations to help you optimize your cloud budget.

To instantly view AI scheduling suggestions, simply click on 'View Suggestions.'

Once you've clicked 'View Suggestions,' you'll see the image presented in the example below. It provides insights into your resource's active periods and periods of inactivity. Our system performed this analysis over two weeks to generate these recommendations. As a result, by implementing a similar schedule, you could potentially save approximately $10.07 per month, as demonstrated in the example below.

This enables you to set up automated hibernation for your resources and follow the smart advice provided by Uniskai.

You can easily click on the 'Create & Assign New Policy' button, and it will open the policy creation page with the same schedule. You have the flexibility to modify the schedule as needed and create a new policy.

Additionally, you can access the 'Last Week Usage' information on the ‘Cloudsitter’ tab. This feature displays activity data for your resources over the past week and is conveniently located in the action column.

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