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Updating Your GCP Account

Learn how to update your GCP account with these steps

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Step 1

Navigate to the ‘Account Manager’ tab.

Step 2

Choose the desired GCP account by clicking on the ‘DETAILS’ button.

Step 3

Click on the ‘Actions’ button in the settings of the selected account.

Step 4

Press the ‘Update Credentials’ button.

Step 5

A new window for updating credentials will appear.

Note: In case any information is missing, refer to our user-friendly manual within the application.

The manual will look like this:

Step 5.1

For the first field, you'll need to fill in the Account Name. You can either input a custom account name, or it will automatically default to 'GCP.' If you choose to use a specific name, it shouldn't exceed 32 characters.

Step 5.2

Select the Access Type (The selected type will be marked with a white dot on a blue background):

  • Read/Write: Enables all functions such as converting to spot, scheduling resources, removing unused resources, and rightsizing your resource.

  • Read-Only: Allows you to view resources and possible actions but restricts the main functionality.

Step 5.3

Proceed to Connection. The connection type is pre-selected as Automatic, and a JSON key file will be automatically created by the shell script.


Log in to GCP at and open the Shell console.


Run the following .sh script, replacing PROJECT_ID with your GCP Project ID (found in the indicated location on the picture below).

sh <(curl -s PROJECT_ID read


Click ‘Authorize’ to authorize Cloud Shell.


Wait for the script to finish successfully. Then, click ‘Open Editor.’


If you've followed all instructions, a JSON file should be ready for download.

Next, download the JSON file:

Step 5.4

Return to Uniskai and upload the created file.

Step 5. 5

After uploading the JSON file, you'll see its components in the corresponding field.

Step 5.6

Verify that all data is correct and click the ‘Reconnect Account’ button.

Step 5.7

After reconnecting, a message confirming successful reconnection will be displayed.

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