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Azure Cloud Platform. How to Configure Cost Exports?
Azure Cloud Platform. How to Configure Cost Exports?

Learn how to add billing permissions to your Azure account

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To configure cost exports, you need permission to create service clients and assign roles.

Step 1. Log in to the Microsoft Azure Portal.

Step 2. Configure cost data export:

2.1 Search and select Cost Exports to access cost data export settings.

2.2. Choose the main billing account scope for export by clicking the Scope button. You can also choose only the subscription being connected to configure export.

2.3. Click on the "Add button" to open the Cost Explorer creation page.

Step 2. Configure new export


  • Give a unique name to the cost export instance (e.g., billing-account-1-actual-costs).

  • Use default parameters for Metric (Actual cost), Export type (Daily export of month-to-date costs), and Start date (today).

  • Enable File Partitioning.


  • Configure storage account to store cost report files. You can select an existing storage account in the subscription being connected to Uniskai or create a new one by providing a unique name and location (ideally, close to Germany West Central).

  • Set any name for the container (e.g., cost-exports) and for the directory (e.g., actual) and click Create.

3.3 Launch cost export by clicking on the Run Now button.

โ€‹Step 4. Configure cost data storage account:

4.1. Go to the storage account configured as the reports storage in the previous step. You can easily find it in the cost exports table.

4.2. Add a tag with the name uniskai-resource-usage and value billing-export.

4.3. Go to Access Control (IAM) and click on Add role assignment.

4.4. Select Storage Blob Data Reader role and click Next.


4.5. Select User, group, or service principal and choose Uniskai service principal (by default, Uniskai <subscription-id>-โ€ฆ).

4.6. Review and assign the role.

Step 5. Refresh your account in Uniskai.

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