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Adding GCP read-write Multi-Accounts
Adding GCP read-write Multi-Accounts

Learn how to leverage the multi-account feature for GCP read-write

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Note: To add a GCP project, you need permission to create roles!

Step 1

Navigate to the ‘Account Manager’ tab and click the ‘Add new account’ button. If you already have multiple accounts, your Account Manager menu will appear as shown in the image below.

Step 2

Click on the ‘Google Cloud Platform’ button.

Step 3

You will be directed to the ‘Connect your GCP project’ page.


Enter a specific account name in the ‘Account Name’ field, or it will default to ‘GCP.’ The name should not exceed 32 characters.


Choose the Access type (The selected type will be marked with a white dot on a blue background):

  • Read/Write: Enables all functions such as converting to spot, scheduling resources, removing unused resources, and rightsizing your resources.

  • Read-Only: Allows you to view resources and possible actions but restricts the main functionality.

In this manual, we will proceed with the Read-write access type!

Step 4

Click on the ‘Service Project’ button.

Step 5

Select the ‘Generate email’ button.

Step 6

Copy the email and click the ‘Connect project’ button.

Step 7

Navigate to the GCP console and open the Shell Console.

Step 8

Run .sh script below, where PROJECT_ID is your GCP Project ID.

sh <(curl -s ORGANIZATION_ID


Step 9

Right mouse click to save .JSON. Upload it on Uniskai tab.

Step 10

Navigate to the GCP console and choose the organization.

Step 11

Go to IAM and click the ‘GRANT ACCESS’ button.

Step 12

Paste the generated email into the New Principals field.

Step 13

Click on the Role field and choose Custom - Uniskai Service Role.

Step 14

Click on the ‘Add Another Role’ button.

Step 15

Choose Basic - Browser.

Step 16

Click the ‘SAVE’ button.

Step 17

Verify that the policy is updated, and the Role is displayed in the IAM Permissions list.

Step 18

Go to Uniskai wait 5-10 minutes, then check that all accounts have been successfully added.

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